eye or private eye [ī]
[ME ey, eie < OE ēage, akin to Ger auge < IE base * okw-, to see > Gr osse, eyes, ōps, face, eye, L oculus]
1. the organ of sight in humans and animals
a) the eyeball
b) the iris [brown eyes]
3. the area around the eye, including the eyelids [to get a black eye]
4. [often pl.] the power of seeing; sight; vision [weak eyes]
5. a look; glance; gaze [to cast an eye on something]
6. attention; regard; observation
7. the power of judging, estimating, discriminating, etc. by eyesight [a good eye for distances]
8. [often pl.] judgment; opinion; estimation [in the eyes of the law]
9. a thing like an eye in appearance or function; specif.,
a) a bud of a tuber, as a potato
b) the spot on a peacock's tail feather
c) the center of a flower; disk
d) a hole in a tool, as for a handle
e) the threading hole in a needle
f) a loop of metal, rope, or thread [hook and eye]
g) an organ sensitive to light, as in certain lower forms of life
i) a section of any of certain cuts of meat [eye of round]
j) a hole, as in certain cheeses
10. Slang former a private detective; private eye
11. Meteorol. the calm, low-pressure area at the center of a hurricane, around which winds of high velocity move
12. [pl.] Naut. the part of the main deck of a vessel that is farthest forward
eyed, eyeing or eying
1. to look at; watch carefully; observe
2. to provide with eyes, or holes
Obs. to appear (to the eyes)
to appear (to the eyes)
all eyes
extremely attentive
an eye for an eye
punishment or retaliation similar or equivalent to the injury suffered
catch someone's eye
to attract someone's attention
eyes right or eyes left
Mil. a command to snap the head to the right (or left) while marching, as a salute when passing in review
feast one's eyes on
to look at with pleasure or admiration
☆ give someone the eye
Slang to look at someone, esp. in an admiring or inviting way
have an eye for
to have a keen appreciation of
have an eye to
to watch out for; attend to
have eyes for
Informal to be very interested in and want
in a pig's eye
Slang never; under no circumstances
in the eye of the wind
Naut. directly against the wind
in the public eye
1. much seen in public
2. often brought to public attention; well-known
keep an eye on
to look after; watch carefully
☆ keep an eye out for
to be watchful for keep one's eyes ( or an eye) open ( or peeled or skinned)
keep an eye open or keep an eye peeled or keep one's eyes open or keep one's eyes peeled or keep one's eyes skinned or keep an eye skinned
to be on the lookout; be watchful
lay eyes on or set eyes on or clap eyes on
to see; look at
make eyes at
to look at amorously or flirtatiously
my eye!
Slang an exclamation of contradiction, astonishment, etc.
open someone's eyes
to make someone aware of the facts, real reasons, etc.
run one's eye over
to glance at hurriedly
see eye to eye
to agree completely
see with half an eye
to see or understand (something) easily because it is so evident
shut one's eyes to
to refuse to see or think about
with an eye to
paying attention to; considering

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